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As we end another great season, it’s time to start thinking about the next!  When you do, be sure to reflect back on what worked for you this season, and what did not, including time management.  For a lot of athletes, one of the biggest challenges is time.  Jobs, family, relationships all take their priorities.  So we struggle to fit in our training, and even have trouble taking the time for proper recovery.


So what do we do?, how do we plan?, and how do accomplish our goals within our time constraints?

  1.  Set realistic goals.  Be honest with yourself on the time you can set aside to train.  Long course, like IM/HIM/Marathon, takes enormous time commitments to train for safely.  Don’t get over ambitious.  You’ll either be miserable trying to find the time to fit in workouts, or be unprepared for race day.  If you don’t have the time, choose shorter races and strive to excel at those.
  2. Work on your support system.  The people in your life are important to your successes and failures.  Surround yourself with supportive people.  Talk to your family, before you make decisions on big races.  Make them aware of your time commitments, and be mindful of the expectations of relationship.  Relationships are work too!  They take time commitments.  Make sure you leave enough time for the people important in your life!
  3. Search your current habits for wasted time.  Maybe there are changes you can make to current habits to create more opportunities to train, or something you can switch around so you can train and spend more time with family/friends.  Is there a gym by your work you can go to and squeeze in a run before you head home, or at lunch?  Can you get a swim in before work?  Can you do your bikes/runs early in the mornings on weekends to leave time for other things?
  4. Don’t be a workout Nazi!  It’s ok if you have to miss something every once in a while.  The world won’t end!  Make sure you’re there for your family and friends for the important things
  5. Be flexible.  Situations change.  So when you plan your workouts, or work with your coach, don’t get too far ahead of yourself.  Take it a couple weeks at a time and make changes as they come up to adjust.

Remember!  most of us aren’t getting paid to race.  Keep your priorities in perspective.  Sometimes keeping your support system happy will allow you the time you need to fulfill your path to success on your own goals.  Plan well,  Perfect your time management, and Perform well!!


Coach Meulen- Head Coach