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Hey everyone!


Today, I’m writing to you on a bit of a high.  It was just an incredible day at the Naperville Sprint Triathlon yesterday!!!  I couldn’t imagine things going any better than they did yesterday!  I need to thank a lot of people and Sponsors for their support to make this happen.

-De Soto Sports for getting us our Jerseys

-Trinity Designs for the eye catching art work and Jersey design

-Who Wants to Pawty for booth support and EVERYTHING else!

-Live Again Animal Rescue for bringing more booth support and bringing more teams of racers out to race with us

-My cousin Chloe for putting on a costume in the heat at our booth!

-Spokes for the incredible eye candy of a bike to showcase at our booth

-and everyone else that I’m sure I have forgotten!!!


Admittedly, I was a little bummed going into the race since a freak accident put me out on the sidelines.  I had trained hard for this one and REALLY wanted to do well.  But, having so many great athletes on the TriDogz roster doing the race, it was easy for me to shift my focus to you guys instead of feel sorry for myself.  After the race I actually thought to myself that I would of missed out on a lot had I not been there to set up the booth, take pictures during the race, or cheer on my teammates!!  So maybe, it was just meant to be.


The morning was busy!  Rushing around to get the booth ready and meeting with athletes to make sure they know what to expect and calm their nerves before the race. We got the booth set up early and Heather, and Anna held down the booth with the Live Again peeps while I went out to support our racers at the start.


The start was amazing!  As I stared from the crowd watching athletes to start the swim, it was EASY to spot the TriDogz Team Jerseys!!  They were just so pronounced!!!  And, apparently, the TriDogz presence in the crowd was pronounce too!  Anna, and Anne had spent the good part of a couple of nights making signs for our TriDogz fans to hold, and the man on the P.A. certainly saw all the TriDogz signs in the crowd and the noise we made for our team.  He made a HUGE mention of how pronounced that presence was!

The TriDogz were easy to spot coming out of the water…

and tearing up the course!…

At the end of the day, I was jumping for joy!  As a small team, I would have been happy with a single podium from our athletes.  But we had 3 Athletes on podiums and another that was pretty darn close!!!  Congrats to the TriDogz women’s relay team, Anne and Kelly for 3rd place!  Congrats Gordon for 2nd place AG!, Congrats Jonny for a 6th place AG!  Congrats to Andi for continued success and improvement and new PRs almost everytime out!  Congrats to our partners from Live Again Team Cupcake for their first relay and solid finish, and Team Lucky To Finish for their first time out at a triathlon event!!


I’m proud of all of you and your efforts out there!  You guys are incredible.  Podiums aside, perhaps some of the most fun was had with all the team members and friends that came to the booth to hang out after the race, and all the support you guys showed for each other.  This team is truly inspiring and great!  Congrats to all of you!!!!!